America is a beautiful mansion with many rooms on a beautiful block. Gleaming beauty from the outside, America on the inside, reveals a different story. So thoroughly impressed with America's exterior, those who enter inside are often aghast. Across its many rooms are piles of wall-to-wall dirty filthy laundry.


Piles everywhere:

1) Political reparations, restorative and reparative historically informed advocacy transforming government and political representation and participation;

2) Intellectual reparations, the purposeful and public recognition and acknowledgement of the creations, inventions, and ideas of formerly enslaved people and their descendants;

3) Legal reparations, restorative justice, and racial equity established and authorized in-laws and policies;

4) Economic reparations, pecuniary and/or monetary assistance, subsidy, restitution, and debt relief;

5) Social reparations, restoration and repair of the social contract to end racism and mindsets premised on racial and ethnic hierarchy, thus affirming the dignity of human beings;

6) Spatial reparations, restorative and reparative geography of socioeconomic and political opportunity, particularly for those displaced and dispossessed by American slavery and their descendants; and

7) Spiritual reparations, the purposeful and intentional recognition, representation, and recovery of the religious and spiritual cosmologies, practices, and beliefs harmed and lost in the Triangle slave trade and American slavery.


Within these seven forms of reparations, or P.I.L.E.S3, we can unlock a new foundation and new pathway to truth, love, justice, and freedom in America and everywhere Black people are heretofore Radical Reparations.


In addition to developing educational resources, Radical Reparations™ also provides consulting services and legal consultations to communities, advocates, policymakers, and educational institutions to bolster programming and activities involving racial equity and justice.