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November 2021 Newsletter, Issue 2

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Peace & Welcome Back! The holiday season and the last quarter of 2021 are the perfect time for reflection. A time to reflect and operate with gratitude individually and as a community for our sacrifices, trials, triumphs, and perseverance. We must remember to keep joy in our hearts, celebrate our victories, appreciate our losses, and look ahead to a new year and the fresh start it offers.

Like most people, it’s been another long and unpredictable year for me. 2021 has been full of adventures, new connections, losses and heartaches. Even still, I remain optimistic and full of renewed hope. As Nikki Giovanni (@NikkiGiovanni6) said “It’s a journey . . . that I propose . . . I am not the guide . . . nor technical assistant . . . I will be your fellow passenger . . .” After all, we’re all in this together.

Dr. Marcus Anthony Hunter/Dr. Blackness (@manthonyhunter)

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